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The growing threat of hurricanes hitting New Jersey has increased over the last decade. The Atlantic Coast hurricane season is from late June through to November. It's important to have an emergency response system in place that becomes a force to be reckoned with if a storm comes offshore. Creative Risk Management LLC of Wall Township, NJ can help with preparing for a pending hurricane. Plus, their staff will assist their policyholders during the recovery process as well.

Planning For a Hurricane

It is smart to plan ahead for a hurricane as you can lower the risk of injury and property damage. The plan should go into effect once the state of New Jersey issues a hurricane warning to its residents. Usually, a storm can take between 24 to 48 hours before its force hits land.

To protect your family, plan an escape route from your residence months before the hurricane season begins. This would avoid any threat of panic among your family members once the government warning becomes official as you will need to evacuate quickly.

Among the essentials needed to survive includes water, canned foods, and other non-perishable items. Other important emergency response items are a manual can opener, battery-operated radio, and multiple flashlights in case you need to move from one location to another at night.

Understanding Hurricane Insurance

Before the start of the Atlantic Coast hurricane season, it's wise to review your homeowner's insurance policy. This will help to get a better understanding of the amount of protection your home has in case of a major storm. Thankfully, most homeowner's policies do cover damage from a hurricane, but no coverage is provided for flood damage that has occurred in the same storm. Thus, wise homeowners will add windstorm and flood insurance to their existing policies. It just makes sense to never limit your coverage, especially during hurricane season.

Take the time to review your homeowner's insurance policy with one of the experts from Creative Risk Management LLC of Wall Township, NJ. They can assist with securing the right coverage in protecting your home and family. Call and set up an appointment today.

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