Commercial Insurance in New Jersey

Owning a small business in the state of New Jersey comes with a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities is being able to obtain commercial insurance to protect your business and employees in the event something was to happen. We can help you get on the right track here at Creative Risk Management LLC in Wall Township, NJ if you are looking to insure your business. Commercial insurance also works to protect your business from legal claims and settlements that can have a major impact on your business finances.

Commercial Insurance Requirements

While New Jersey does not require businesses operating in the state to obtain commercial insurance, the state does have a reputation for lawsuit abuse. It would be a smart decision to invest in general liability coverage for your business if you have valuable assets or if you own property in the state. Accidents and lawsuits can and do happen. However, the state does require businesses to carry worker’s compensation insurance for any business that employs at least one person (full-time or part-time).

New Jersey also requires drivers to obtain auto insurance if the car or truck is being used for business purposes. Employers must also provide employee disability coverage income for up to 26 weeks.

Additional Coverage

Business insurance will keep your business protected from financial loss as a result of injury or damage claims. Policies typically consist of:

  • Bodily injury- damage that is physical to another person or employee at your business
  • Property damage- any damage caused by yourself or an employee to another person’s property
  • Personal injury- includes slander, libel, invasion of property or privacy, false arrest and more
  • Advertising injury- any loss that was caused by your advertising
  • Legal defense and judgments- covers expenses to defend against judgments and suits


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